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Good Photo Angles for Taking Baby Photos

Behaviors of babies are always interesting to observe and immortalize, from the first time he or she is born into the world until they have grown up as an adult. So, as the parents, it is better for you to take the camera to immortalize it so that you will not let precious moments be missed. Else, you can also ask a professional photographer, instead, such as the newborn photography vaughan, for example, to take the picture of your baby if you are not confident with your own skills in photography.

There are several photo angles that can help you create some best photos of your babies. So, you can use these angles to be the right moment when you should take the pictures. Here are some of the angles:

– MD or Early Breastfeeding Initiation: take a photo with an eye level angle, when the baby looks up or turns toward you.
– In the incubator: do not use flash as it may harm the baby, otherwise, the light will bounce off the incubator glass. Photos were taken parallel to the incubator, eye level with the baby. This photo will be a very valuable documentation.
– Inside the box: open one of the crib fences to be able to shoot in an eye level angle. Taking pictures from the top is not good because the field is narrow. You should not be tempted to use a wide lens for the baby’s entire body to fit into the frame. This can lead to distortion in which one part of the baby’s body looks bigger.
– Sleeping on the bed: if the baby is sleeping on his back, photograph from the top. You stand on the bed or use the stairs. If the sleeping position is skewed, the photo from the parallel direction of the bed, eye level. The position of the baby can be directed to make it funnier; for example, slowly you can move his hands to face like a person is supporting his chin.