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How to Reduce Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Excessive and prolonged menstrual bleeding, also called menorrhagia, can occur in any woman. Excessive menstruation will have an impact on your daily life, including physical activity, emotional health, and your social life. It is the reason why this has to be stopped before it bothers you. You only need to know the right way on how to stop your period from coming for you.

To stop your period from coming in an excessive amount, you can try herbs to reduce bleeding. Many herbs have astringent properties and have long been used to control excessive menstrual bleeding. Herbs can also correct hormone imbalances and control menorrhagia.

For example, you can use leaves of red raspberry to relax the uterine muscles. Else, you may also cinnamon. Similar to cinnamon, red raspberries contain phytochemicals that help relax the uterine muscles. You can simply soak the leaves in the water as a tea to help reduce excessive menstruation.